Sculpture Acrobat Woman

Sculpture Acrobat Woman

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Material: full aluminium w / rope included

Description: The "Acrobat Woman" aluminum sculpture is a contemporary work of art that embodies elegance, strength, and grace. This one-of-a-kind piece is designed to captivate the imagination and draw the eye in any space.

Materials and Techniques: Crafted entirely from high-quality aluminum, this sculpture showcases meticulous attention to detail and artisanal precision. The lightweight yet durable material creates a striking illusion of weightlessness as the artwork is suspended by a subtle rope, adding an aerial and kinetic dimension to the piece.

Design: The Acrobat Woman is a stylized human figure that appears to be dancing in mid-air. Her graceful and dynamic posture depicts an agile and determined athlete, capturing the precise moment she performs an aerial leap. Clean lines and fluid forms create a striking contrast with the smooth gleam of polished aluminum, adding a contemporary sculptural dimension to the artwork.

Dimensions: With impressive measurements of 122 cm in height, 150cm in width, and 44cm in depth, this sculpture stands as an imposing centerpiece capable of dominating the space it is displayed in. Its balanced proportions allow the artwork to harmoniously fit into various environments, whether it's a modern interior or an outdoor garden.

Sensitivity and Emotion: The Acrobat Woman embodies the emotional power of sculpture, capturing the essence of human movement with unmatched elegance. Her captivating expression and graceful curves evoke an emotional response from the viewer, eliciting the beauty of physical effort and artistic determination.

Exhibition Location: This unique art piece is designed to be suspended and requires a space where it can be showcased to capture light and attention from all angles. Whether displayed in an exhibition space, art gallery, corporate lobby, or home, the Acrobat Woman sparks a dialogue between the artist and the viewer, transporting each on an emotional and aesthetic journey.

The suspended aluminum Acrobat Woman is more than just a sculpture; it is a celebration of human audacity, a tribute to the beauty of the body in motion, and an expression of artistic ingenuity. If you seek an artwork that inspires, captivates, and adds a contemporary touch to your space, this unique sculpture is an exceptional choice.

Dimensions & Weight: 122 x 44 x 150 cm/ 50 kg

Exposure : inside / outside 

Delivery time : since all of our sculptures are handmade, the production and delivery time to your home is 8 weeks.

Packaging : wooden box

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Just wow! I was impressed when my sculpture arrived by its size and especially the quality.

Thank you to Rocwood for this unique piece that embellishes my exterior

Ryan Smith
Los Angeles, CA

Unbelievable. The detail brought to the sculptures and this quality of manufacture leaves no one indifferent. I congratulate the craftsmen of Rocwood for this achievement which I will never tire of.

Cheick Mahmoud Al-Tarbi
Abu Dhabi, UAE

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